Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Five Weird Things About Me

Courtney tagged me, so I guess I have to play!

1. I used to study ballroom dancing. Sometimes I have the picture of an elephant in a tutu, but I really really loved it. Maybe when my kids are grown I'll have time again.
2. I have a needle phobia. Blood and guts doesn't bother me, but whip out a needle and I hide!
3. I love disco music... I still listen to a ton of it. I even had a disco Christmas album for a while.
4. My favorite season is fall, not spring. I just find it peaceful and inspiring.
5. As messy as my house is I can be very particular about how my desk & scrapbooking stuff is handled. I want it EXACTLY where I put it. Maybe it's a control issue?


Courtney said...

Fall is my favorite season too :)

Briana said...

LOL about the disco. Never would have guessed it!