Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Muesday or Tonday?

I hate working the day after a holiday -- it's like getting to do two day's work in ONE. Ugh! The appliance repair guy came today and said, "Yep, it's broke". So he's ordering a new face panel for the oven and he'll be back. After Connor got a frown-y face on his behavior chart Friday for "talking instead of reading" and "yelling out in class" he redeemed himself today by getting a smiley face... at least until dinner when he displayed the table manners of a street urchin.

Charles and Dot had a laundry marathon today, followed by a kid-a-thon making them clean their rooms. Neither one was happy, but you can see carpet again so the adults "won". Sassy and Dexter have been getting along... Sassy chases Dexter, Dexter swats at Sassy, and they have some amazing staring contests.

That's the news -- hopefully tomorrow the dragon doesn't win!


Courtney said...

Glad the adults won :) And yippee on clean rooms and laundry done. Our washer is going out, so it takes at least two hours for it to wash 1 load! Ugh! That has made for very slow laundry washing on the weekend.

Robin said...

Connor will adjust to new rules and a new school, it just takes time. Your so lucky to have a mother-in-law who is willing to help you get caught up in your household chores, I wish I did. Ha ha