Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Peace in the a.m.

Some days I could just mute all three of my "boys"... they make SOOO much noise in the a.m.!!! I like about 30 minutes of quiet to gather myself before my day starts, and they are shouting and making noises... it makes me NUTZ!!

Today is the first den meeting for scouts for Duncan this year. He's in Beth's den again, which I am sooo excited about! He got four belt loops from summer camp at the pack meeting Friday night.

Tomorrow (hopefully) will be Connor's second soccer game -- we got rained out last week and he was disappointed. Duncan will attend choir tomorrow night, and then Connor's group sings in church on Sunday. Thursday will be an "at home" night for us which I am looking forward to. Survivor has started on tv again so I have my priorities straight on that subject LOL!


Catherine said...

Hopefully you'll get in some soccer this week....I know EXACTLY what you mean about muting the boys...sigh.

Courtney said...

I wish Thursday was an at home night for me. Brendan has soccer and swimming that night. This totally interferes with Survivor AND Grey's Anatomy. Ugh!!! lol

Briana said...

LOL Joe likes Survivor too. I can't wait until my boys are big enough to sleep in too!