Friday, September 29, 2006


Thank GOODNESS it's Friday! I don't think I had another work day in me this week! It really has been a crazy week. We had another person retire, so we are in scramble mode. I'm carrying the environment support pager until we get someone new in.

Have I mentioned yet that Connor got sent to the principal's office for blowing kisses to everyone in his class? When I asked him what Mr. Rash had to say, he said "Kisses can cause germs!" How cute is that? He's doing slightly better on behavior, but still lots of straight faces and frown-y faces. Sigh.

Dexter had his first vet visit this week, and got an excellent bill of health. He had several vaccinations, got his ears cleaned out (full of dirt), and will get neutered on Tuesday. I don't think he's going to be happy with us Tuesday.

One kid or the other has a field trip for the next three weeks running. The Cub Scout popcorn sale starts tomorrow (let me know if anyone wants to order!), so we will be canvassing our neighborhood tomorrow. Scouts has a camping trip in October as well. The Dixie Classic Fair is in town, and we are trying to decide if we can take the kids to it. Duncan will have art hanging in the fair so I'd like to at least go and see that.

I'm positive I had more to say than this, but I've run out of words at the moment. I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Briana said...

I've never heard people get in trouble for blowing kisses! Crazy!! Sorry work has been hectic!

Julie said...

how sweet to blow kisses!!

hang in there!! hope you enjoyed your weekend

Laura said...

How cute about blowing kisses and it spreading germs.
Your work sounds like mine. We've had so many changes lately that I'm the only "original" which means everything gets put on me. Frustrating sometimes.
I hope you made it to the fair. They are so fun!
Good luck to Dexter. One nice thing is they don't stay mad for long. lol

Courtney said...

Cute that he was blowing kisses- crazy that he got in trouble for it?! We just got Brendan's mid-quarter "report card" and he had a minus for not obeying classroom rules. Teacher's comment was "Brendan consistently needs encouragement on following classroom rules" *sigh*

FrogLegs said...

Okay-- mayeb I'm the odd one out-- maybe because I teach? But I can understand why blowing kisses would be sent to the principal... but oh well. :) Don't worry about those straight faces and frowns.. He'll work himself out- one way or another. In the mean time, take time for yourself (I'm slowly catching up reading blogs). Have a great this week!