Friday, March 16, 2007


What a week!   Connor had a his first day of spring soccer on Wednesday -- he's got a new coach this time and I like her.  He was determined to be the goalie (they don't have goalies in his age group) but he had a great time.  I got my "snack mom" duties out of the way, and it was a very pleasant evening.  His weekly OT appointment is on Wednesdays as well, so I think he will be sleeping well on Wednesday nights!  

Did I mention he had several cavities when he was at the dentist a couple of weeks ago?  They wanted to refer us to a pediatric dentist here in town.  They called Wednesday and had a cancellation so we went yesterday.  OMG - he needs serious dental work... I'm talking well into four figures!!!  And they need the entire fee UP FRONT to even schedule it.   So... I'm busy studying our finances figuring out where to squeeze that out.

Speaking of Connor and OT... I bought him a weighted blanket to use at home (he needs the pressure)... well apparently he has been annoying our cat lately as the cat decided last night to christen it... UGH!!!   So I had to take all the weights out and wash it... I was NOT happy.  It was still damp this morning so I get to spend time tonight inserting all the weights back in the blanket.   Crazy cat -- he lost his collar yesterday.  On a bright note the kids actually went outside and searched the yard for it.  The exercise was good for them.  He (the cat) also has a new trick -- our house is a split level, so my bedroom window is about 1 1/2 stories off the ground rather than two.   Dexter has figured out how to jump up into that window.  He also left mouse #6 on the doorstep yesterday.  He's chasing birds too, but hasn't managed to catch any yet, although I saw a robin turn white yesterday when he got close LOL.

Two weeks from tomorrow we head out to Myrtle Beach for an inexpensive vacation -- just getting away and having some pool, sun, sand and ocean time.  Everyone in the family is looking forward to it.  Well, except maybe for the cat, but he'll just have to get over it.

More news later in the weekend (wink, wink) -- stay tuned!


Catherine said...

Our cats like to leave presents for us on the doorstep also....:)

FrogLegs said...

Oh no about the dental work-- ick, ick, ick, ick! :(

Courtney said...

Hi! Wow, I've sure missed a lot! Sorry things have been hectic again for you & your family :( Glad you have a vacation coming up to relax!!! {{{hugs}}}