Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Wednesday Waaaaaaaaaaaa

I'm in better humor about Monday -- we're just going to have to work through this.  I ordered Duncan and his buddy Comfort an item from -- a red vest to sew all their patches on so they can display how much they've done in scouts.

Duncan had his fourth grade writing test yesterday, and got an 80 on it, so we are very proud of him.  End of grade testing is such a big deal with the "No Child Left Behind" legislation.  He has a field trip coming up on 3/29 to the state capitol, so that should be interesting.

Today marks the beginning of spring soccer for Connor.  We had a chinese fire drill the past few days collecting all of his "gear" from wherever it had landed in the house since the fall.  I had to buy him new cleats as his feet had grown.  The whole family is going tonite, so this should be fun.  I have camera ready.

It's a busy scrapping week, not that I've gotten going much yet.   I'm participating in two cyber crops at the moment.  One is on my FriendsThatScrap list, a scrapping Survivor game.  Our challenge this week is to use movie, play or song titles as our layout titles.   Also going on is the Winter Blahs Crop over at Scrap Addict.  I'm hoping to get cropping in starting tomorrow night.

Our car is in the shop today having brake work done.  Ugh.  At least Charles is taking care of this one so I don't have to.

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