Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I love my new van!!!  I love my new van!!  I think my husband is unhappy that I've claimed it for my drive-to-work car, but I love my new van!   Even the kids were unhappy about being shuttled to the bus stop in the old car.  Ah well.....  we've been a one car family for 6+ years, so I am really enjoying my independence again.

Did I mention Dexter has been a bad boy and lost his collar last week?   He hasn't brought me any more furry presents lately either.  We did get a laugh though -- he plays alot with the neighbor's cat Turbo when he's outside (Turbo cries to go out when Dexter comes in his yard)... well Sunday Turbo must not have been able to find Dexter outside because Turbo came and sat in OUR window.  The kids got quite the kick out of that.

We went to Charlotte this past weekend to show Dot the new van.   While we were there we got to go see not one but TWO movies -- "300" and "Ghost Rider".   I liked them both, but Ghost Rider was more fun.   Charles liked them both and is out shopping for the soundtracks to the movies.   "300" is pretty graphic in it's fighting scenes, but I'd see both again!

We have been working with Connor on some behavior issues since January, and had made alot of progress.   Well in the last week or so we've had a relapse.  The psychologist warned us this would happen, and told us simply to go back to what worked to fix it in the first place -- but I'm so frustrated!!    His teacher says he is making slow improvement on the ADHD issues at school as well.

I know today is the first day of spring, but we are so busy in spring I feel like summer is around the corner...  we have three weekends with no plans before Memorial Day -- EEK!    There are two scout camping trips (one me & Duncan, one family), vacation, a card-making class for me, scout end-of-year picnic... it boggles the mind.


Courtney said...

Congrats on the new van! So glad to hear you love it! I can't imagine having only 1 car, enjoy having your independence back!!! I hope Connor starts improving again soon. Wow, sounds like you *do* have a busy spring!

Robin said...

Hey Carolyn, congrat's on the new van. Hope that Connor continues to improve and you have an uneventful Spring. Take care, see you soon.

Mary said...

Congrats on the new van! It feels good to have a new vechile. Good luck with Connors issues at school. I hope that improves soon. I love camping but I will only go fi we can have a campfire. Since fire danger is Extreme here, I don't think we will get to go camping anytime soon. Happy Spring & enjoy your new van!