Thursday, March 01, 2007

March Already?

Wow... where has the time gone? This one is going to be really short, and I'm sorry about that. I continue to not feel 100%, we're racing around with appointments for Connor, who has croup... we changed pediatricians with alot of drama this week... and work has been busy busy BUSY.

More later, really!


Julie said...

Carolyn! Thanks so much for the kind words in your pm. I would've pm'd ya back but I've been blocked from being able to do that.

I hope we can stay caught up with one another via our blogs.

Thanks again!!

Monica Kornfeld said...

Ugh! I'm hoping you're feeling better by now and that Connor is, too. Being sick sucks. :(

Anita said...

We'll hold you to that writing more later bit! ;)