Saturday, February 04, 2006

Kharma is a bitch, and lives in my neighborhood!

It's been a LONG while since I got wound about the idiot teenagers in my neighborhood. They do STUPID unsafe stuff. I've called the police on two occasions, and been blessed out by neighbors over it. So I now try to ignore it and simply keep my kids safe.

Well... we've got one teen who speeds up and down the street constantly. Apparently he almost hit the neighbors dog this morning. And he got a MAJOR chew out by the neighbor... I'm still laughing. Scott went postal on him (Scott has two teenagers) and George deserved every single word of it. I do so enjoy when I'm not the only one with a concern. Sorry, George, kharma is a BITCH!


Jeff said...

Isn't it great when someone FINALLY sees things your way? From

Courtney said...

I'm sure that felt good! This is another reason I LOVE living out in the country...not as many idiot neighbors to worry about! Although, there is a dog that chases my car every morning that drives me crazy, but no teenagers in sight anywhere! Woohoo!

Briana said...

LMBO. I hate it when kids or neighbors are stupid!!