Sunday, February 12, 2006

Still Blah

I don't know what has gotten into me lately... I don't feel "depressed", but I sure have the blahs. Nothing interests me, I'm not motivated to do anything, and all I want to do is sleep.

Connor's toe is improving -- it's not nearly as swollen and the soaking is helping to eliminate the horrid drainage. He's not complaining about it, and is rather proud that he has medicine too. Both kids have been little beasts this weekend... sassy, disrespectful, shouting, fighting, uncooperative. I really haven't enjoyed any of the males in the house this weekend.

On an up note, I am starting a game of Scrappin' Survivor tomorrow on one of my lists. Hopefully that will kickstart me a bit. I'm still knitting on my knifty looms -- made Duncan & Charles hats, and am now working on Connor's.

I was very sad to see Michelle Kwan have to withdraw from the Olympics, although it shows what a class act she is.

Anyways, I'm still here, just not very motivated to write anything.


FrogLegs said...

I will motivate you!!!!!! I will, I will, I will! You can post your layouts here... get bitten with the bug... after all you are a potato-- and you saw that cute blinkie.. :) *HUGS* I have the blah's too... and the game shall kick start me and you both! Happy cropping!

scrapperbo said...

Come on fellow tater! We'll motivate each other. Sorry to hear you have the blahs. XOXO