Monday, February 13, 2006

Monday Mutterings

Well, today was ... interesting. It was hell on wheels at work, that's what I get for staying home with a sick kid on Friday. Connor's toe continues to improve.

After work we headed to the card store to get valentines for the kids to give -- sheesh, after cards, small gifts for teachers... we spent $25! After dinner I sat the kids down to address their valentines. Even Connor in preschool can sign his name to the cards.

We talked to our friends Lisa & Bob -- they had an eventful weekend. Apparently the exhaust for their dryer had gotten clogged, and it caught their dryer on fire (flames!) and burned it up. Luckily they had a smoke detector in the laundry room and discovered it very quick, but the dryer and the contents are a loss. We took a couple of hand-me-down coats over as their almost 2 yr old's winter coat was in the dryer. Made me feel useful to fill that void so Lisa didn't have to hurry and hunt a coat.

After dinner Charles let me open my Valentine's present -- an MP3 player, just like his. I've already loaded it with 128 songs and am happily listening. Tomorrow at work will be cool!


Jill said...

Oh my... your poor friends. Thank God for smoke detectors.

What an awesome present from hubby. That rocks, literally! LOL!

Glad the toe is getting better!

FrogLegs said...

Aww.. poor friends- but yay on you having a coat for their baby! Enjoy the music today- as I'm sure you have!!

Courtney said...

How wonderful that you had a coat to give them. That's scary...makes me want to rush home and check my dryer! Sounds like a nice Valentine's Day gift- have fun with it! We don't really do gifts on V-day. We just had a nice dinner at home of crablegs and champagne, and of course some chocolates :)