Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Read Your Phone Bills!

Mine was higher than normal this month, so I went out to read it... and there is a $14.95 charge (plus tax & some 5 cent fee) for "internet services" from ILD Telecom. I've filed a complaint with the phone company already, but I looked it up on the web and this is a company with MANY complaints to the FCC. Great... now I gotta figure out how to get them out of my life. UGH!!!


Emily said...

Sounds like my natural gas bill this month. THought it was odd it included 47 days... turns out the meter reading company didn't bother to read the meters in Feb. So they billed us the same as last month. And if we were overbilled, it will appear as a credit in March.

Nice..... grr.

FrogLegs said...

I just plain hate bills in general. I know our gas has gone way sky high- bills suck.