Thursday, January 11, 2007

Deja Vu?

I feel like I'm living my life over again, this time with Connor.   Have I mentioned how much trouble he has had being quiet, attentive, and in-his-seat at school?  That he's been to the principal's office twice?  Well, I finally took him to the psychologist we see for Duncan, and had an initial meeting.  I explained that I definitely see two of the three ADHD problems (hyperactivity, impulse control, attentiveness), that he's not doing well with social cues and giving people personal space, etc. etc.  He's having an evaluation next Friday, and I get the results on 1/31.  My mommy instinct tells me there is something going on.  Dr. S. said he didn't think we'd find anything severe or profound, but that it would be "kind of grey" rather than black and white.  So we'll see.   I'm also going to take him to see the OT for a Sensory Integration Dysfunction evaluation -- DSI can sometimes present as ADHD.   Last on the list is setting up a private speech/language evaluation.   I just want to know how to help him.

For those who have asked, Charles' finger continues to improve.  He saw our family physician Monday about it.  He has had alot of dead skin peel off the segment that had all the blisters, so it is red and itchy, but definitely continues to improve.  Dexter is on a NEW antibiotic since he still had a UTI.  He continues to pee/poop where it pleases him, so we are very frustrated.   Charles is super cleaning the litterboxes today to see if that will restart him going in the right spot again.  He has also gotten out a few more times, so payday this weekend brings him a collar whether he likes it or not.  Little grey fur beast!


Laura said...

I'm glad Charles is doing better-I've been thinking about him.
Hopefully Dexter will be feeling better soon. My future MIL always pours vinegar in places the animals pee and blots it with a towel. She said it neutralizes the smell so they don't go there again. Just a thought if it will help?!
Good luck with Connor. It sounds like you are on the right track to getting him help he might need. Hang in there! Hugs Carolyn!

Robin said...

dHey Carolyn, I am glad that Charles is feeling better and hopefully Dexter will improve on his new antibiotic. With Connor, it seems like you are doing the right things and hopefully you will have some answers soon. I know how frustrating it can be to go through evaluations and then get everybody coordinated on the same page with a diagnosis. Look on the positive side though, at least you have been through this with Duncan so you know what to expect and the process. Also when Patrick was going to speech therapy, we had to do private and with the school. (They both had different opinions as to what was wrong). Anyways, take care and I hope everything works out.`