Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thursday Thoughts

WooHOO -- Dexter is using the litter box again!!! He's also now sporting a pretty royal blue collar. So far when we let him out to roam he's coming back in an hour or so when called. We're skeptical about having an indoor/outdoor cat, but he's being pretty stubborn about it. I had to laugh this morning though... we are getting a "wintery mix", mostly snow at the moment. Of course, he was adamant about his outdoor time... until he got out there. He licked the snow... sniffed it... walked around the tree, then hid under the molded slide thing, only peeking his head out to see if he was still getting wet. I think his outside time lasted maybe 5 minutes today? LOL!

Charles is doing well, thank you to those who have asked. HIs finger still has some redness and one hard spot, but otherwise he is very much back to normal. Hopefully that is our last medical emergency for quite a while. I'm afraid Connor might be getting sick though. He's been really irritable and teary lately, and that's normally a sign he doesn't feel well. Only time will tell.

We have a busy weekend coming up -- Duncan's cub scout pack is holding their Pinewood Derby on Saturday morning. Duncan's car this year is done to resemble (as best we can) the transformer Crumblezone. He's getting help from the Uncle of his best scout buddy on it, so hopefully we'll have much better results this year. With 105 boys in the pack, and every car running at least four times, it's going to be a LONG morning.

Sorry I haven't put any new pictures up on the photo blog, but January is just not my best month for feeling well and energy. I promise to try and do better!


Laura said...

WTG Dexter! I'm glad he's feeling better. One of my cats tries to get outside (and succeeds sometimes) but once he's out there he doesn't know what to do. That's funny thinking about Dexter out in the snow.
Glad dh's finger is doing better too! Always thinking about him.
Good luck on the derby race! I remember your pictures from last years. Hard to believe it's been a year already!
I understand the January "mood". It's hitting me hard this year.

Mary said...

Having a cat that doesn't want to use the litter box is the worst! Glad he is using it again.

Hopefully that hard spot on DH's finger will be gone soon.

How did the Pinewood Derby go? My parents were active in Cub Scouts, Weblows (SP) & Boy Scouts. In fact mom ws a Den Mother & Dad was a Scout Master so I have many fond memories of the Pinewood Derby. I hope it went well.