Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thursday Thoughts for 1/25

The Pinewood Derby went very well last weekend.  Duncan finished 2nd in his den, and his buddy Comfort finished first in the den.  I'll post pictures of his car (& his 2nd place ribbon) on the photo blog tomorrow.  He was a good sport, and seemed to enjoy his day.  We race again at the district derby in mid-March.   It really has been a busy scout January -- our den leader asked if one of us could step up and lead two meetings this month, so I volunteered and we earned our "Handyman Activity Pin" over two Tuesdays.  We have next week off, so we are done with scouts until 2/6.

Charles and I are trying to get our exercise habit breathing new life in the new year.  So far I've made it to the gym once/week for three weeks, and this week I've already made it a second time.  I should be really going 3 times/week but we just aren't there yet.  I'm also only doing my strength workout so far, but I'm proud to be getting back there.  My kids love the "Adventure Room" which is the child watch for kids 5-12, so it's a family outing.  Maybe if I get my act together and find our swimsuits we can do the pool too tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, I'm off work for the day.  Connor's parent-teacher conference is tomorrow morning, and with as many problems as we've had with him in school, it's a MUST attend for me.  I get his evaluation back from the psychologist next Wednesday, and then his OT evaluation (for sensory integration problems) is next Thursday.  Next Friday is Charles' birthday, and I'm afraid to confess I haven't done ONE thing about it yet.  Eek!!

Any Top Chef fans out there?  I'm going to be sorry to see this season end.  I was really sad to see Elia eliminated last night, especially in favor of Marcel -- what a little obnoxious twit.   I think Survivor:  Fiji kicks up next week so I won't have a gap in my reality-tv fixes.  I've been taping American Idol so far, but haven't watched it -- I'm not into the horrible singers, I usually start watching either when they get to Hollywood or in the semi-finals.

Everyone ready for Valentine's Day?  My gift boxes that I made for Christmas were such a hit at school I'm getting ready to do a valentine's version.  I've been watching the ads to get my chocolate cheap for them, and my stamp roller came in last night to do the boxes.  I have 30 of them to make between the two kids' classrooms.  So far in consumable supplies, I have $13 (INCLUDING the chocolate), so I'm really pleased with myself.  Now to find the 2 hours to make them!

OK, I think I'm out of things to say for the moment.  I haven't slept well this week, so I am looking forward to a restful weekend!

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Catherine said...

Sounds like busy stuff ahead! Hope you are able to get everything accomplished you want and that the P/T conference goes well!