Monday, January 29, 2007

Indoor Surfing is NOT recommended

Got one word to describe it -- OUCH!  I was headed from the kitchen back downstairs and the next thing I know I feel my right leg/knee turn under, my pinky toe scream in pain and OWWWW.   Silly Carolyn!  I'm black and blue between my last two toes where the skin ripped and bled, my foot is tender, and my knee a little swollen and tender.   Shoes are no fun today.  My first thought was daggonit, how am I supposed to workout tomorrow?

Charles did this on other stairs in our house in October 2005; he managed to shatter his big toe, so maybe it's not quite as bad?  We ended up opting not to go to the doctor -- the toes are still in proper alignment, and I'm able to bear weight on it today, although it's not fun.

In better news, I attended Connor's parent/teacher conference on Friday.  She said math is going to be his strength.  He is slightly below grade level on reading due to not knowing as many sight words as he should, and below grade level on writing, but I am hoping some of our testing/interventions will help us on that.  I should see report cards today or tomorrow for both kids.


Jade the Artist said...

Ouch lady! that looks bad. hope you recover soon.

Briana said...

OMG that sounds awful! I hope it's feeling better soon! OUCH!

Catherine said...

LOL.....Indoor surfing....sorry about your toe!