Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Track Star?

Connor informed us this morning that he did NOT want to be on the track team when he grew up. We pondered this, and he also informed us he knew what the track team did. When we asked he solemnly informed us that the track team "waited until a train was coming and then ran across the track." When we asked him why he didn't want to be on the track team he told us he was afraid he'd get run over.


Robin said...

Thats so cute! Tell him that the people on the track team are really good and exceptional people and they never ever get run over by a train. :)

Mary said...

Ha Ha Ha! The things kids come up sometimes are so hard not to laugh at.

How are Charles & Dexter doing? Much, much better I hope.


Catherine said...

This is so great!

Laura said...

That's too cute. Wonder how the train got into it?!
Robin's right - track stars can outrun trains ;)