Saturday, May 14, 2005

Fluoxetine, Greek Food, and IEPs

I missed a day -- I'm so sorry! Friday was a really hectic day. Duncan's eligibility for services through the school system's exceptional children's (EC) department has to be reaffirmed every three years, and we had that meeting Friday. It was supposed to be 30 minutes, lasted two hours! After the chinese fire drill last week with compliance sticking their nose in, I was pleased to get it signed.

We also passed another milestone on Friday -- we started some family counseling. There are just so many issues with Duncan and other stuff between Charles & I - we agreed it might be time for some help. I also finally got my prozac refilled -- I didn't mean to let it slip, but when I saw the last filled date ... our next appointment is on Monday 5/23. Duncan sees the pyschiatrist again on Wednesday 5/18 -- I think he's definitely better back on the ritalin LA, but we're still missing some areas of help. School has noticed a turn for the better, so did Kidspot, but we've regressed in an area or two. Hopefully Dr. Hoover will have some ideas.

This weekend was the annual Greek Festival here in Winston-Salem. We met some friends and went over for dinner. Wayyy too crowded, but the food was yummy. Charles had a gyro, I had souvlaki. We sampled two desserts, baklava and a donut thing (starts with an L), and then headed home. Connor tried the souvlaki, but promptly spit it out. He's such a good eater, and rarely complains even when he doesn't like what he's served. I figured why waste the yummy food on him.

Today my favorite scrapbooking forum, Scrap Addict, hosted day one of their National Scrapbook Day activities. I played bingo (lost), am actively working on a project as part of a photo scavenger hunt, and as soon as Duncan & Charles go to bed I'll be working on a canvas project.

I am truly hoping tomorrow is a cooler day. Our air conditioning isn't working, and the repair folks won't be here until Monday. Our neighbors planted some new bushes today, and we need to get out and mow the grass & work on weeding my flower beds. My day lilies are starting to bud, so I hope I have more flowers soon.

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