Sunday, May 22, 2005

Sunday Stuff

I can't believe it's Sunday already -- last week flew. Duncan started his new medication on Wednesday and I see an improvement. He's taking clonadin -- it's supposed to help his ritalin LA by giving him better impulse control. It also has a side effect of making him sleepy -- a bonus I think because he's never gotten enough sleep. I see a definite rebound about 6:00 p.m., but otherwise he's much calmer. We'll see how things go.

Connor continues on his overdue potty training journey. Today marks two weeks since the last pull-up. We're having LOTS and LOTS of accidents, but I do find it's getting easier to not crumble in the face of urine soaked clothes or worse. He has to clean himself up, deposit his clothes in the proper places.... Charles isn't handling the extra laundry gracefully, but then he's home w/him during the week. Connor has woken up dry several times, so I keep praying we're gonna get there SOON.

Duncan will be heading off to Camp Dot Dot next Saturday after school ends for a week. Connor isn't eligible for Camp Dot Dot until he's potty trained, and we've told him this. While I'm in Charlotte we're gonna stop by Penny's and deliver some hand-me-downs.

Tomorrow marks my 15th anniversary with my employer, Wachovia. Wow, so very hard to believe. This is only my 2nd job since college! I got to choose a "gift" out of a catalog -- I'm tired of not having luggage so I picked a 3 piece set of luggage. I hope it gets here soon!

I'm off to update my webpage -- since Geocities "ate" it I've barely gotten the page back up, mostly due to lack of time. I am now using the url Susan had,, so come check it out!

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