Monday, May 09, 2005


"Opportunity is often disguised as hard work, which is why most people don't recognize it." Ann Landers

Ahhh, one day done, four more til Friday. Our new employee Barri joined us today -- I had alot of work to do sorting out her access, getting the order for her PC approved, etc. I feel very disorganized -- hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Duncan had a good day at school today -- after such an emotional train wreck yesterday, it was quite the relief! Second grade ends on May 27th -- hard to believe for me. Connor has two more weeks of Gymboree Play left -- that will be a sad week for him when he doesn't get to go to "class". It was positively gorgeous here today -- high was 82 and it was sunny and beautiful. Weather like this can restore your faith in the universe.

I have to thank everyone who got an email with my blog address this morning -- whether you've visited to read our not, it felt very liberating to pen the last few entries. I think I've really missed a creative outlet. Scrapbooking has done that for me previously, but lately I can't seem to get started with any pages. I've also been taking tons of digital pictures lately -- and that seems to be filling that creative void as well.

On a different note, work is repeating a really fun event we had last year -- International Feast Day. It was a fundraiser for United Way sponsored by our diversity council, and we had "booths" of food from Africa, Germany, Italy, France, Mexico, Greece, India, Australia, Southern US, and I'm sure a few I forgot. I'm considering trying to get a team together to do a lebanese food booth -- a teammate is going to check and see what's going on tomorrow and let me know. We'd probably need five or six of us, so we'll have to see. It's been a goal for a while to learn to cook a few of the lebanese dishes Charles grew up enjoying so my kids can appreciate his cultural and ethnic background. So far I've only made tabouli, but this may get me to try some more.

Charles' week has started out poorly -- he finally caved and went to the doctor today. He has bronchitis and a sinus infection. The PA said he probably won't feel much better until Thursday; I am optimistic for a quicker improvement.

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Stacy said...

I just realized how to comment lol. i just thought i would leave ya a note letting ya know your venting is making me feel better. it gives me something to read in the middle of thenight when i can't sleep too.