Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Wednesday Tidbits

I am so very ready for 2nd grade to be OVER. Duncan had a wonderful time at his class picnic on Tuesday, but he was so tired Tuesday evening he was ill tempered. He fell asleep shortly after 7:15 on the couch. Tonite he's already asleep on the couch -- not sure what wore him out tonite, but he's o-u-t.

A couple of funnies to share -- we had our latest family counseling session and a long discussion over the potty troubles in our house, and left with a commitment to just let them be no big deal. Well the kids had been at Kid Spot during our session, and Connor had one accident there. They start tattling on each other in the car, and I give my usual speech about how we worry about ourselves. Well, the one-upmanship continued, and suddenly they are asking what kind of trouble their brother would get in if they pooped in their brother's pants.... it was sooo hard not to laugh. Both kids were pretty tickled at themselves. The other funny -- Charles and I were talking quietly last night when Duncan (asleep on the couch) suddenly started "roaring" in his sleep -- it was hilarious -- and then he sits upright with a sudden jolt. We laughed and laughed.

My "Dealing with Difficult People" class today was good -- more of the soft interpersonal skills but good stuff. Last night I vegetated in front of the tv watching American Idol and Rob and Amber Get Married. Tonite I'll watch the American Idol final results. Work is getting busier -- I picked up another project from a teammate and it's gonna kick my butt for a while. I got my 15th anniversary-at-wachovia present yesterday -- a new set of luggage (my choice from the gift catalog). Saturday we take Duncan to Charlotte for a week with Dot.

I might have more to say later, but I'm trying hard to write in this as close to daily as I can, so I simply sat down to write even if I hadn't thought my whole day through. Thanks for reading!

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