Tuesday, May 10, 2005

"If you're gonna be stupid, you need to be tough." W. Dinkins

I thought the above quote summed up life pretty nicely! Duncan got in trouble at school today for throwing dirt, which really surprised me -- he isn't normally a behavior problem. I am SOOOO ready for his medication to get straightened out -- we see the pyschiatrist again on 5/18 and if needed we'll add something else -- we're currently considering risperdol & clonadin. (Thx Stacy!) His allergies have been acting up again since the weather turned warm as well.

Charles is feeling a wee bit better with his sinus/infection & bronchitis, but he still feels pretty lousy. We cheated on dinner tonite and just made sandwiches. I did buy the kids some canteloupe, and added some of the strawberries from this weekend to their plates. Neither one came begging for food around 7:00 so maybe it filled 'em up?

Any American Idol fans out there? I watched tonite, and was amazed at how much Anthony has improved from last week. It will be a tough call to see who goes. I've got The Amazing Race on in the background -- I haven't watched it all season, but I'm curious to see who wins.

This is gonna be a boring one tonite -- I want to share a little bit about our IEP excitement from Friday, and comment on American society a bit after they arrested one of the fathers of the two murdered 8 yr olds, but I'll save it for later in the week.

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