Sunday, May 29, 2005

Space for Rent

I have space for rent -- in my head -- I must have really needed a long weekend, as I can't think of much to say! Duncan headed to Charlotte on Saturday to spend a week w/Dot Dot. After he sent his precious gameboy swimming in the toilet, we managed to get everything but that game working again -- whew! I cleaned his room today; it's probably a good thing he wasn't here. I swear, I don't know how he walks past all that stuff. Plus I found the library book I just paid $9.96 to replace sitting right on top of his dresser in plain sight. Both he and Charles assured me they had looked and looked for it. Grrr!!! I also found a whole hamper full of clothes spread from one end of the room to another.... yet I am the one who sets "unreasonable expectations" in our house? Readers, am I the only one who thinks it's reasonable to expect the laundry fairy to clean ALL of the clothes, and remove ALL of the trash? I cleaned Connor's room yesterday -- and found a tied-up bag with a dirty pullup in it -- he hasn't worn a pullup in almost a month, yet that room has been "cleaned"...

OK, I didn't get on here to be nasty, but apparently I have some aggression to work out somewhere -- we don't have our next counseling appointment for about ten days. I'll go contemplate that and come back when I have more upbeat stuff to write.

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