Monday, May 09, 2005

Monday Musings

Yep, you noted the time right -- it's 1:14 a.m. Somehow little things like my laundry didn't get accomplished today, and I couldn't sleep either, so I'm trying to multi-task until I can put my clothes in the dryer.

Today should be a really busy day -- we are getting a new employee at work. I'm not sure when she'll get a computer, she has access to NOTHING because she's new to the bank, and I've been out of the office for four days, so it should be a crazy day. Bonnie is on vacation this week so I'm pinch hitting. Also on the list to accomplish this week: copy all the missing paperwork from Duncan's school file for his teacher, reschedule his IEP eligibility meeting (that's a whole blog entry by itself), go shopping for the items I need for Saturday's National Scrapbooking Day exercise on Scrap Addict, copy the bowling pictures from Duncan's field trip onto a CD for school, copy the pictures from Connor Tomihiro's birthday party onto a CD for them, catch up the gift albums I'm working on for Christmas... a never ending story.

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