Thursday, May 12, 2005

Not Much More

I promised I'd write more tonite, so here I am, but I'm not feeling very wordy. My stress level has knotted up my back once again, so I am looking to try and get an anti-stress massage tomorrow. We'll see if the new masseuse I found has time to accomodate me. My local scrapbook store, Scrapbook Traditions, had a "ladies night" last Thursday and offered free massages -- which of course I got there early to sign up for.

Tonite was the next-to-last episode of Survivor: Palau. I'm going to miss it, but I'm kinda glad all the reality tv shows I watch are about to end for the summer. Less temptation to sit and vegetate. I haven't touched my scrapbooking stuff in weeks, and I need to get back in the groove. This weekend they are celebrating National Scrapbooking Day (which was last Saturday) on my favorite sb website, Scrap Addict, so I plan to play bingo and work on some challenges. Saturday night we are headed out to the local Greek Festival with another family.

Sorry to let you down with no interesting content -- but I'm determined to make this journal writing a habit again, and I had to write *something*. See you tomorrow!

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